Monday, April 6, 2009

Mimi's Castle

"This is Mimi's Castle, " was the statement that 3-year old Janalyn said about her grandma's apartment in Tampa when she recently visited us here. She had been looking forward to a magical trip with her mom, dad, and little brother, Jack to the land "where the princesses live (Disney World)." It would appear that her little mind assumed that if you live in such an enchanted world, then everyone must live in a castle. It sure was fun having them here for three whole weeks before Princess Janalyn and Prince Jack of Avondale, Arizona had to return home.

We spent a number of days having fun in the Magical Kingdom just in time before the flood of families converged on Disney World for Spring Break. From a very reliable source, the grand prize for "the funnest ride" was a close race between The Flying Dumbos and It's a Small World, according to Princess Janalyn. Prince Jack even got in on some of the fun.

Princess Janalyn and Prince Jack of Avondale in front of the "Princess Castle"

Chip 'n Dale with a bunch of "nuts."

It's a bugs life...

...especially when you're hanging out with "Aunt Hill"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunset Over Tampa Bay

The sunsets in Tampa are wonderful, especially when we can sit back in our living room or on our deck and take them in like this one... It will be hard to leave in just three months!